Nobby Boulder - Lead Vocals Nobby Boulder Lead Vocals
NOBBY BOULDER is one of only a few rock vocalists in the UK who have the power and vocal range to sustain a performance of almost two hours of 70’s rock classics.
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Dave Thrill - Lead/Rythm Guitarist Dave Thrill Lead/Rythm Guitarist
DAVE THRILL dresses to impress and reproduces the unmistakable guitar riffs, which set Slade and other Glam rockers apart from many UK artistes of that era. He wields his “Super Yob” guitar, with the...
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Jammy Lee - Bass Guitarist Jammy Lee Bass Guitarist
JAMMY LEE is Slyde’s bassist and an extremely competent and dedicated musician, providing a groove, that sets the foundation stone for a couple of hours of rockin’ seventies party-sounds.
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Dozy Powell - Drummer Dozy Powell Drummer
DOZY POWELL is an accomplished drummer, with many years’ experience. Slyde’s impressive set list relies on a good solid tempo to ensure that the crowd will stay on their feet Dozy is never happier than...
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